My Home Office Must Haves

I'm redecorating (or should I say, decorating for the first time) my home office, so, of course, that means I need to make a must-have list!

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1. This is my dream chair. It's so gorgeous and would go perfectly with my white desk from Ikea. I like how high the back of this chair is - I have horrible posture, so having a high back chair will be a reminder to me that I need to sit up straight.

2. Motivational prints are a must have for a home office. I like how this one will be a reminder that I can achieve whatever I set my mind to!

3. A chalkboard is great for writing notes or to do's, calendars, or just to decorate with pretty doodles or drawings. These are peel and stick sheets, so you have more freedom to make them look how you want. Why didn't anyone tell me there were chalk markers?! These are SO MUCH more convenient.

4. This wall clock would look perfect against my grey walls (as soon as I can commit to a shade). I currently don't have ANY clocks in my house. I think analog clocks are so classy looking and the fact that this one is marble makes it that much better.

5. I like the idea of having your lighting be more of a statement piece. This flower pendant light is the perfect way to add a little more excitement to the room. I was originally thinking about string lights for the office because let's be honest, who doesn't like string lights? But since I'll be doing a lot of writing and reading in this room I want to be sure that the light is bright enough.

6. I'll confess, I have A LOT of bookshelves already - but I NEED this one. I have a cat, that likes to jump on everything, so whenever I try to make anything look pretty and organized she destroys it. The glass doors on this would be the perfect solution. It's also great if you have little ones at home who would normally try and pull everything down from the shelves.

7. Anyone that knows me knows why I would love this mug. Etsy is full of personalized items, including mugs, that are perfect for adding a touch of your personality into your home. Reading a quote or funny saying while you're pouring your morning coffee can also help you start the day in a better mood!

What are your home office must-haves? 

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