5 People You're Forgetting to Buy Christmas Gifts For (and the gifts to get them)

Christmas is in 6 days, my friends. 6 DAYS!!! I'm not ready for this. 

I've finished all my shopping but I have yet to tackle wrapping - it's my least favorite part. I try to put as many gifts as I can into gift bags to make the task easier. Those gift bags are super cute too! 

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Even after I get everything done, there's usually something I'm forgetting. These 5 people can be easy to overlook when it comes to your Christmas shopping list. Don't be caught without a gift for them this holiday season.

Your Boyfriend/Girlfriends Parents //

Getting a gift for your significant other's parents can be tricky. If this is the first Christmas you and your boyfriend/girlfriend have been together than you might not know what their parent's tastes are. I'm not sure if all men are the same, but my boyfriend seems to know less than nothing about what his parents would want for Christmas. I find it's typically safe to get them something to entertain with. More often than not, the parent's house is a place for get-together's, so getting them a cheese board or serving tray could be a perfect gift. My favorite is this small wood and marble board

 Your Boss/Supervisor //

This is totally dependent on the atmosphere at work. If you belong to a bigger corporation, then giving a gift to your boss might not be appropriate. If you work in a smaller office then it wouldn't seem out of the ordinary.

The first year at my current job I totally forgot about buying a gift for my boss. She wasn't offended or anything, but I felt like a huge fail. You don't need to get them an expensive gift (you don't want to look like a suck-up) and depending on how well you know them, the gift can be more personal. I like getting something for my boss that they can actually use at work. I love this Mini Zen Garden and I actually have one very similar on my desk. Desk calendars are another practical gift for a boss or supervisor. You can get a generic one, or if you know what some of their interest and hobbies are, you can get a more personal one - like one with cute dogs, lifehacks, or sudoku.

Your Friends Children //

As you get older, more of your friends might have children. If you typically exchange gifts with your BFF, don't forget to buy something for their children too. They probably got tons of toys from family members to go along with the bins of toys they already have - so try going for a non-toy gift. Books are always a good idea. I love getting a classic Robert Munsch book for my friend's kids. Crafts or coloring books is another good idea for kids and they can be gifted to many different age groups as well. My favorite type of gift for my friend's kids are experience type gifts, like a trip to the movies, an afternoon of skating, bowling, or swimming. 

Your Neighbors //

Being nice to your neighbors can go a long way. If you often engage in conversation over the fence, or they've helped you cut your front lawn, or shovel your car out of your driveway then get them a little something this holiday season. The best treat for your neighbors are some baked goods. Chances are you'll be making them anyways, so just make a little extra and wrap them up nice. Pinterest is great for finding easy holiday recipes. Try out these M&M Cookie Bars, Christmas Shortbread Bites, or Peppermint Bark. You'll be the favorite neighbor in no time!

Your Mail Carrier //

This one is also dependent on the circumstances. If the only mail you get are bills then you probably don't have to worry about getting a gift for your postal carrier, but if you frequently get big, heavy packages and your mail carrier is sure to leave your parcels at the back door where they'll be more secure, then you should show your appreciation this time of year. Postal service providers usually have rules about gifts for mail carriers and there's typically a limit to the cost associated with the gift. Gift cards are a great gift idea in these situations. A Starbucks gift card, or one for another local coffee spot is perfect! you could even include an insulated travel mug, so they could keep their drink hot while on the job!

Have a safe & happy holidays!

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