When To Spend More $$$

I like saving money as much as the next girl, but sometimes you gotta splurge a little.

Since buying a house and trying to be more "adult" I'm trying to budget more and save money where I can - but I also have to learn what's worth the splurge. Here's a list of what I am willing to whip my wallet out for.

I love lighting candles in my house - they smell so good and create the perfect atmosphere. In the past I would buy the cheap ones from the dollar store, or Walmart, but now I only buy candles that are made from vegetable wax, food grade paraffin wax, or soy. There's so many toxins in cheap candles and I don't want to breathe that stuff into my lungs!

One of the first grown up things I bought was a decent mattress and sheet set. Sleep is important and I'm not going to be able to get a restful sleep on a cheap mattress. A decent set of bed sheets makes a huge difference too. A higher thread count just feels so much better and ensures I don't get too hot or feel too cold. A higher quality pillow is a must as well - which I need to buy ASAP. You can really tell the difference from money well spent when it comes to your bed.

My mom is going to love that I said this (HI, MOM!). Your oral health is SO IMPORTANT. There are so many germs in your mouth on a daily basis; a regular toothbrush just won't cut it. I used a manual toothbrush almost all of my life and after I got myself an electric toothbrush my mouth feels so much cleaner (my dentist says so too). I have one like this  

Don't get me wrong, I've colored my hair with box dye quite a few times. Most times it works just fine for what I expect, but it's definitely not the same than getting it done professionally. I've been blessed with really thin and really healthy hair and I want to keep it that way. I can't get the look that I want from the drugstore unless risking fried ends - that's not the look I'm going for. 

I've suffered way too much from not wanting to splurge on these. I have a knife set that is pretty mediocre, and I'm okay with that, but I also have a few knives that were more pricey, for when I need them most. Buying higher quality knives will also last a much longer time than the cheap ones. 

The dress code at my work is business casual. Lots of the time I can get away with being more casual than business, but on the days when I have a meeting, or just feel like looking important, I want to dress it up a bit more. I can pair a well fitting blazer with just about anything and look five times classier. 

Whether that means exercise equipment of my own, or a gym membership - it's worth the splurge. Having a healthy lifestyle has so many benefits, including reduced stress, better sleep, longer life expectancy, etc. It's worth it for me to spend money to have access to a gym, not just any gym, but a gym I enjoy going to. They do have "discount gyms", with less equipment or no exercise classes, but those just don't cut it for some people. When I cancelled my pricey gym membership I found myself missing the access to a steamer, of all things. There was nothing I enjoyed more after a workout then to sweat it all out in the steam room.

What Do You Like To Splurge On?

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