An Honest Girl's Review of Adore Me

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I’ve been an Adore Me VIP Member since December 2015.

For those unfamiliar with Adore Me, it is an online lingerie (and more) retailer. They offer a subscription membership in order to save on your purchases. So, think Fabletics and JustFab - same concept!

Before joining I’ve heard a lot of good things about Adore Me. The only negative reviews I’ve read were from people who didn’t read all the terms and didn’t realize they had to “skip” the month or their credit card would be charged. This has always been an obvious part of the VIP membership for me so I’m not sure how others could have missed it.

Anyways ….

I wanted to become a VIP member of Adore Me because they had so many options for affordale, adorable, sexy, and stylish bra and panty sets. They also have activewear, swimsuits, loungewear, and sleepwear.

If I want to buy a bra anywhere else it would probably cost me about $60. I have a larger chest size, so I can’t buy those cute t-shirt bra’s that are always on sale at my local stores. In fact, I can’t even find my size in my favorite lingerie stores in town. Yes, I’m a little bit bitter about that, haha! So getting a bra and panty set from Adore Me for $39.99 (and free shipping!!! winning!!!) was a no brainer.

I’ve purchased 3 bra and panty sets and 1 PJ set from Adore Me and had to deal with their customer service for a return. I’m going to share with you my experience so you can decide whether or not being a VIP Member is right for you.

The first set I purchased was the Elie Push-Up set. The bra is gorgeous. I wanted something a bit sexier than what I typically wear - all my current bras are super old lady boring, haha. The red lace is just stunning and the quality of the fabric was surprisingly good. It felt comparable to what I would have purchased from La Senza or Victoria Secret. The band is a lot stretchier than what I’m used to so I could have gone down a band size if I wanted to. It came with removable pads, which didn’t exactly thrill me. I had hoped the extra “push up padding” would be in the actual bra itself but oh well.

The underwear was also super comfortable and fit true to size. I have a short torso, so sometimes I run into a problem with my underwear coming up too high, but these were perfect.

I did have a little issue with comfort when wearing this bra. This was the first balconette bra I had ever worn. A balconette bra has shorter cups and the straps are wider than normal bras. It took a while for me to get used to the wider straps. I kept feeling like they were “falling off”. It was super annoying at first, but something I got used to over time.

Another issue for me was the band irritating my underarms. I blame the lace on this one and some poor fitting on my part. The band and strap are so stretchy that it was hard for me to find my perfect fit. I originally wore the straps pretty tight (I typically have to do this with my other bras to be sure I have enough “lift”) but that wasn’t necessary with this bra. I also had to bend the bottom wire a tiny bit to better fit my body shape. I’ve had to do this with other bras as well. With a little bit of adjusting this bra is way more comfortable.

The second bra and panty set I purchased with the Ainslee Contour set. This set was again, super adorable.

Contour bras have a thin, even layer of padding that hugs your shape - more like a t-shirt bra. I have to admit that wearing a thinner bra did give me a feeling of freedom! I’m so used to being “strapped in”. Of course, being a larger chested girl, this type of bra also comes with its drawbacks.

The really cute, mesh and lace detail did not agree with my chest size. This is a bra that would be best for a lounge day at home or running some quick errands. If I wore this to work or when I’m bending and moving things or cleaning etc. I would “fall out” a bit. If you’re a smaller chested girl you more than likely won’t have the same problem.

For my third order, I got the Braelynn Contour bra set and the Beatrix PJ set.

The Braelynn bra didn’t fit and they didn’t have it in a larger size so I had to return it for a refund. I was pretty upset about this because the material was so soft! This would have been the

The Beatrix PJ set fit really well and is my new favorite! I read the reviews before ordering and knew ahead of time that the shorts would fit a little larger than the top. I wanted the shorts to be a little looser anyways, so that was alright with me. The top has this cute detail and cut out on the back and the shorts have a nice lace detail as well.

I’m a firm believer that you should dress sexy for yourself from time to time. It makes me feel good getting into these PJs after a long day. I usually just wear oversized shirts or sweats to bed, so this is a nice change.

Making my return for the bra set was pretty easy. I viewed my order on the website and requested a return label be sent to my email. Returns and exchanges are free (minus a possible restocking fee), so that’s a big plus. I hate ordering things online and having to pay to ship something back because it doesn’t fit.

A few days after I shipped my items back I got an email from Adore Me saying they received my items but could only refund me for half the set because the bottoms were not included. This made me a little angry because I knew I had returned BOTH items.

I contacted customer service and explained the issue. The lady I spoke with was very nice and understanding. She took all the information and promised me she’d look into the issue.

The Adore Me website says all returns must be new and unworn, but apparently because I had removed the tag from the underwear they couldn’t accept it as a return. I got pretty angry because I had still included the tag in the return package and never wore them - I just got ahead of myself and assumed I wouldn’t need to return anything. If they had also included “tags attached” on their return policy I wouldn’t have made a big deal about it.

When I say “I got angry”, I don’t mean that I yelled at the customer service rep on the phone. Just to be clear. I have total respect for people that work in customer service. I know they are just following company policies and I’m not about to “shoot the messenger”.

They treated me very well and made me feel like my issue was important to them. I wasn’t able to get my full refund but they were able to give me a credit for the equivalent of another bra and panty set. I don’t think I’ll be buying another set since I didn’t have much luck with the sets I did buy (damn large breasts!), but I was eyeing up some activewear instead ;)

At first, it felt super awkward to write a review of my experience with undergarments (sorry, Mom) but when I was trying to figure out whether or not to get a VIP membership and what to purchase from Adore Me, this was exactly the kind of review I was looking for.

So, would I recommend Adore Me?

Of course!

Just because the fit of the bras I tried didn’t work for me doesn’t mean the fit won’t work for others. If you have a smaller or average chest size than you’d probably have a lot of luck with these bra sets. They also sell SO MUCH MORE than just bras.

The quality of their products is great, shipping was fast (even to Canada) and dealing with customer service was a breeze - all the things that make a good online shopping experience.

If you’re worried about horror stories that you’ve heard/read about the VIP membership, just make sure you read the fine print and understand that if you don’t “skip” the month between the 1st and 5th then you’re going to get charged (that charge will turn into a credit for your next purchase).

You’ll receive an email from Adore Me letting you know that your new selections for the month are available so you can purchase or skip, but I have a monthly notification on my phone as well, just in case.

If you want to learn more about the Adore Me VIP membership or want to sign up, visit their site here.

Have you ever purchased from Adore Me or another subscription retailer like this?

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