Why I Stop Reading Your Blog

I may have only been a blogger for a few months, but I've been a blog reader for much longer. I follow a lot of different blogs, from beauty and fashion blogs to lifestyle and DIY blogs. When I find a blog I enjoy reading I fancy myself a loyal reader ... unless of course I experience these annoying things:

Hard To Read Font

There's nothing more annoying than when I can't read your font. Either you have a really weird typeface, your font size is too small, or the font color is way too light for me to see. My eyes are bad people, make your font easy to read. 

You Don't Reply To Comments

If your readers are taking the time to engage with you and leave meaningful comments, then you should be replying to those comments. If you're too busy to reply to them, then you should disable them. I've been a loyal reader of a few blogs and then had to say 'bye felicia' because they respond to NO COMMENTS. You wouldn't have a blog if it wasn't for your readers, so interact with them dammit!

You Don't Use Images

Words are hella boring to look at. If your post has no images it's just going to make my brain hurt. I'm guilty of this sometimes because I'm no good at taking pictures, so I don't use as many as I should, but I still try and use some kind of graphics in my posts. I also want to see a picture of YOU on your blog from time to time. I don't want to feel like I'm reading the words of a robot.

You Don't Promote Other Bloggers

The more research I do about becoming a successful blogger, the more I'm learning that it's all about relationships. Creating a network of other bloggers (that can become real friends) is important for your success, and theirs. So, why aren't you being supportive of other people? If I've never seen you link to another blog post you like, or blogger you support, I'm just going to assume that you're kind of a snob. 

Your Writing Is Dry

I like a little personality in the blogs I follow. If your posts are really dry and don't have an authentic voice, I feel like I'm reading a textbook. I understand you want your posts to sound professional, but you can still add a hint of your personality in there. Let your sarcasm out, tell a joke, or share a little story in your post. Your readers will appreciate it. 

What makes you stop reading someone's blog???

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