15 Day Check-in - 30 Day Challenge: Reading

So far I've been pretty successful at reading every day. I missed one day because I had a really bad headache and only read for about 5 minutes one night because I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Let's see what I've noticed since starting this Challenge.

More Strict Schedule // I'm surprised to say that this Challenge is helping me be more strict about my schedule. I tend to read in bed before falling asleep, but I've really enjoyed reading my book (The Pillars of The Earth), so I want to read more of it at once - I can't do that if I'm already exhausted and ready to sleep. The last few days I've been setting aside an hour right after dinner to read. I've always wanted to be one of those people that were committed to their day planner. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will help me be that kind of person.

Social Gains // I've been more social since starting this Challenge 15 days ago. I've been researching new books and new genres for me to read after I'm done reading this novel, so I've been asking around to coworkers, friends, or online book forums, to see what they would recommend. Also, if I hear others chatting about a book they are reading, or have read, I chime in and ask some questions! I've been less social over the years (I can thank my anxiety for that), so it's been really nice to have an ice breaker when striking up a conversation with someone. I'm also hoping by the end of this challenge to find a book club (either locally or online), so I can keep using my love for reading as a way to concur my social anxiety.

I can't wait to see what the next 15 days of this Challenge is like!

Do you know any online book clubs? I want to know about them!

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