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It's all about fashion and beauty products (mostly) this month! Since I've been following a lot more fashion and beauty bloggers and YouTubers lately I've been getting more inspiration and hearing about more products that I just have to get my hands on. I don't really see myself as a "fashionable" person, but I've been trying to get my personal style figured out. Once I do that I'm going to try and write more fashion posts. It'll feel very weird for me at first, but it really is something I enjoy, so I might as well get over my fear and just go for it, amiright?

Knee High Boots // I am beyond overjoyed that boot season is among us! I looooove boots. I've been wearing the same brown boots almost every day. I got them from my sister (thanks, sis), and I wish I could get the same pair in grey. I used to think grey boots were so blah, but now I'm on the hunt for the perfect pair.

Scarves // Once the weather gets cooler my scarf addiction is in full swing. I bought my first blanket scarf this past month and it really helps keep me warm on the chilly mornings. It's also really nice to just drape over my shoulders when it gets drafty in my office. There are so many colours and patterns in these scarves too, so you won't have a problem finding one that fits your style!

Gloves // Continuing with the theme of keeping warm ... the first thing that starts to feel the chill of the cooler months is my hands. It's starting to get frosty in the mornings, which means I need to bundle up for my drive to work. The steering wheel of my car can feel quite unpleasant if I don't have gloves on. These gloves are so cute, with the little bows on them.

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation // For a drugstore foundation, the Maybelline Fit Me foundation has great coverage. It's easy to apply with my blending sponge and it works well for my typical light to medium coverage. I've tried a lot of drugstore liquid foundations but I keep coming back to this one.

Revlon Balm Stain // In my 30 things before 30 list I mentioned that I wanted to start wearing lipstick. It's hard for me to find a lipstick that works for my lips because they're so thin. The first product I tried was a liquid lipstick that I really wanted to love. I've heard some pretty good things about the NYX liquid lipsticks, and although the product really has great colour payoff and has pretty decent wear, it didn't end up being the best choice for me. The next product I used was the Revlon Balm Stains. THIS IS PERFECT! It's so much easier for me to apply on my super thin lips and the stain lasts more than 4 hours on my lips before needing a touch-up. Agenda // I don't know where I'd be without my agenda. I used to keep track of everything electronically only, after many years of unsuccessful paper planner attempts, but now I've finally found success. I really like the size of the large planner. I feel like, because it's so large, I can't ignore it. I see it on my desk and I'm instantly reminded that I need to keep track of everything. It has fun little stickers and designs, so planning my days aren't as boring as they used to be. I still couldn't survive without my Google Calendar and SOL Calendar app on my smartphone (the notifications and alerts are a life saver for me), my Agenda is where I put a lot more details about my planner and to-dos.

Candles // This time of year I have candles in each room of my home. Bath and Body Works gets me every time when they have a sale on their 3-wicks. Recently I picked up some delicious Autumn fragrances. Sometimes I find it difficult to find candle fragrances I like. I'm not a fan of the sweeter smells. The musky smells have my heart. Bath and Body Works always has SO MANY fragrances to choose from, so finding something there is never a problem.

What are your current obsessions?

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