8 Cozy Winter Date Ideas

Winter is coming! There's already a decent amount of snow on the ground where I live. I have to admit that I kind of love it. Snow makes everything look so pretty at night time. It also makes me want to do anything but leave the house.

Even though it's below freezing outside, it's still important for you and your S.O. to spend some quality time together doing more than just hiding under the covers. Date nights can get expensive and when you're trying to live on a tight budget, date nights are usually the first things that go out the window. Not anymore! Check out 8 romantic and budget-friendly date night ideas for those chilly winter nights. 

1. Find a hot tub //  Hot tubs are great all year round, but they are amazing on those early winter nights. Lots of local spas have a hot tub the two of you can enjoy together. To make them more budget friendly check out Groupon for some great deals! An even cheaper alternative is using the hot tub at your gym. The gym my boyfriend and I go to has a great hot tub that isn't too busy, and since the gym is open 24/7 we can go later in the evening and have the hot tub to ourselves! 

2. Search for the best Hot Toddy //  Winter weather and hot beverages go hand in hand. A Hot Toddy is a classic whiskey drink with lemon, honey, and hot water. There are a dozen different variations of this drink, some with cinnamon, some made with tea, but they are all perfect for a chilly date night out. Stop by some local pubs and see which one makes the best Hot Toddy. Since it's a winter drink they're more likely to be on pub special this time of year. 

3. Have a snowball fight //  Bundle up, go outside, and act like kids again! It's nice to take some time to be goofy with each other. This is something you can do just the two of you, or you could invite some friends over and turn it into a tournament! 

4. Cook a new dish //  Cooking together on date night is always a budget-friendly favorite of mine. Make it a big event - choose a theme for your recipe, decor, and movie pick for the night! Even though you're staying in, still take the time to get dressed up for each other. Make yourself feel sexy. Light some candles and put on that killer red lipstick. 

5. Make some fireplace s'mores //  These tasty treats aren't just for the summertime. You can roast marshmallows over your fireplace at home. Don't have a fireplace? You can heat your barbecue to high and roast them that way instead. Don't forget to pair your s'mores with some creamy hot chocolate. You can never have too much chocolate. 

6. Go ice skating //  If you know how to ice skate, I am very jealous of you. Every time I see a couple ice skating I can't help but feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside. This is a great activity you can do together because you can take a slow skate around the rink, or you can speed it up for more of a workout. 

7.  Netflix and stay warm //  I know I said you should do more than just hide under the covers, but common now, sometimes you just need to curl up in a ball together and watch 5 consecutive hours of Breaking Bad. I like to have these type of date nights right after laundry day - that way my plaid pj's and fuzzy blankets smell so amazing and feel so toasty right out of the dryer. 

8. Watch a hockey game //  I think I'd get kicked out of Canada if I didn't mention hockey in here somewhere. Watching live sports is so much more fun than watching them on TV. I'm not a huge sports fan (except for Football), but I really enjoy the atmosphere of watching a live game. Tickets to a college/university hockey game are so much cheaper and still a lot of fun to attend. Also, hockey arena's have the best popcorn ... just saying ;) 

What are your favorite things to do once the weather gets cold?

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