7 ways to detox your life

To say I took a little break from blogging is an understatement. It’s been over a year since I last wrote a post and let me tell you….your girl has been going through some amazing personal growth.

For the past two years, I've basically been on a journey of a lifetime — of internal growth. I've done a lot of work on myself that I'm really proud of. I've read so many books and articles, talked to professionals and friends, and really just felt all the damn feelings I could possibly feel. It was a hell of a ride and I'm so happy to be where I am (and who I am) now. 

When you make it through chaos you’re almost forced to take a look at your life and cleanse yourself from the negativity, the unfulfilling, the toxins. Your mind, body, and soul NEED a detox. There are many different ways you can do this. Some are easier than others. Here's a list of 7 ways I've found helpful to detox your life.

1.  Schedule time without technology

Put that damn phone down! For real though, carve out time away from your phone, access to social media, and a steady stream of texts, calls, and emails. Try reading a book, listening to music or meditate instead. This might seem impossible at first so start small and maybe just take a nice leisurely walk or hike without your phone first. I’m willing to bet that 80% of the time you're scrolling on your phone it’s not productive time anyways. 

2.  Journal or vent

Literally getting out everything that is stuck in your head by writing it down or telling someone about it can work wonders. Don’t keep that stuff inside because it’ll just fester and one day it’s going to make you feel like you’ll explode. Writing in a journal might feel silly but who is going to know about it? Nobody is meant to read it. It’s just for you! I’m also 100000% sure that your friends would give you the support you need to vent and would appreciate an ear in return.

3.  Let go

This is a big one and it’s easier said than done. I’m going to go Marie Kondo on you and tell you to let go of the things that don’t bring you joy. That goes for household items, hobbies, jobs, relationships, etc. Let. It. Go. If it’s not serving you, if it’s bringing you down, if it’s making you feel exhausted, stressed out — say goodbye and move forward and make room for something else to come into your life. Period. 

4.  Say no

If you’re a people pleaser this one is going to be difficult. Stop saying yes to things you don’t really want to do. I know you think you’re letting someone down by not doing what they’re asking of you, but you’re not. You also don’t have time to do all the things. Pick and choose the ones you enjoy most or the ones that are most in tune with your values and priorities. 

5.  Exercise

Get off your butt and get those endorphins flowing. When you exercise your body is literally getting rid of toxins in your sweat. Do a short at-home workout or go for a long walk on a beautiful day. Just get your body moving!

6.  Get rid of clutter

There’s a connection between a cluttered environment and a cluttered mind. Take a few minutes (or a few hours) and clean all the areas in your home that you’ve been neglecting. Dust the furniture, scrub the shower, fluff the pillows on your bed, vacuum or sweep under the couch, deep clean your fridge. Don’t forget to listen to some really loud music and do a little dance while you’re doing this! 

7.  Put the junk food down

I know what you’re thinking….“but whyyyyyyyy?” Remember when I said exercise was a way to get toxins out of your body? Well, let’s also try not to put them into our bodies in the first place. I’m not sure about you but my body does not appreciate me when I feed it crappy food — foods that are sugary, greasy, deep-fried, or oily. My body also really hates alcohol but that’s a story for another day, haha. Try making or learning to cook more meals with fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fats. Your body will seriously thank you for it.

What's your favorite way to detox?

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