Planning my goal & the printables that will help me do it

I suck at a lot of things.

One of those things is planning. I love using calendars and finding printables online to help me plan my day, but my issue is following through once I've planned. I have to admit I've never written down my goals before. I've heard all about how writing down your goals and planning your execution of those goals can help A LOT! I've also heard dozens of people talk about how time blocking or just better time management has helped them get more stuff done!

One of my big problems is that I want to get TOO MUCH done. I have too many goals. There's so many things I want to start doing/learn to do. It's gotten to the point where I need to say "calm yourself, woman!"

I need to start one thing at a time and I need to do it right! After searching Pinterest, and blogs I follow, for printables. This is what I've found to help me on my way!

These monthly calendars from eliza ellis are adorable. I love how simple they are and she has them available with a Monday start, or Sunday start. I'm going to use this for my blogging calendar!

These calendars are  from Landeelu and they are also simple and gorgeous! I'm currently using these for my work tasks. We are given daytimers, but those aren't as cute as these are =)

These goal sheets from Scattered Squirrel are going to be a LIFE SAVER for me! I love all the printables from Scattered Squirrel. They are adorable and I'm going to use most of her printables to make my planning binders (post about this later). 

I'm looking forward to becoming more accountable to my plans and my goals! Make sure you check out the blogs listed and get some printables for yourself  =)

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