January Goals

It's a New Year, my friends! With this new year brings new opportunities for great things - make sure you take advantage of it. I know 2017 is going to be quite the year for me already.

I've been pretty quiet on social media and the blog recently. I've been enjoying time with friends and family while I've been off work for the holidays or enjoying some quiet time. I think it was necessary for me to refuel for the new year. There's already going to be some changes happening in my life and I needed to make sure I was mentally prepared for them - don't worry, they're good changes! I'll be sure to explain those in further detail in this post or other posts on the blog soon. I want to start writing "life update" posts on here. I love reading other bloggers life updates and I think it's an easy way to seem more human to those reading the blog.

For now, let's see how I did with my December goals.

December Recap

  • Buy Christmas gifts before December 20th - I got EVERYTHING done on time! It felt so good.
  • Get Budget Binder ready for January 1st - I finished this the other night. It actually feels really good to have an accountability system in place for my finances. The only thing I might add is an investment portion to the binder so I can keep track of that as well.
  • Finish reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up- It didn't take me very long to finish reading this. I really enjoyed it and it gave me a different perspective on tidying. I'll be sure to write my thoughts on this in a future blog post!

  • Lose 5 pounds (even with all the holiday meals!) - ... I'm going to guess this one was a fail because there's no way I'm stepping on a scale for another week. I blame the delicious holiday meals and my recent obsession with bagels
  • Make a strength training schedule - Complete! I made myself a 3 day split of Pull Exercises/Push Exercises/ Legs + Glutes. It's all made up of strength training exercises I enjoy, so I'm hoping that will make it easier to stick to
  • Go to the gym once. I haven't been in a loooong time, so even going ONCE would be an improvement - The gym still scares me. I used to go to the gym ALL. THE. TIME. and now I feel super ashamed and embarrassed to be walking in there. This is going to be a real struggle for me, but I'm slowly starting to overcome it. I've been searching for a lot of motivation and my gym bag has made its way closer to my front door - so that's good, right?
  • Make a slow cooker recipe - I didn't end up making one from my Pinterest board, but I did make one. I was looking through a bunch of recipes and realized I didn't have half the ingredients that they called for, so I just used what I had and made me own teriyaki chicken instead. It turned out really well and I have SO MUCH leftover.

Blog/Social Media
  • Finish reading Streamline Your Side-Hustle - I have a few more chapters left to read. What I've read so far has been very helpful to me. 
  • Finish getting ready for my rebrand - Not quite finished yet, but so much closer than before. I just decided what my new logo is going to be (as of 10 minutes before writing this) and have most of my brand colors decided. I'm having the most trouble with my mission statement. I don't want to start this rebrand without one because I feel like it'll be the driving force behind everything that I do here on the blog. I just need some more brainstorming time!

I'd say December was a successful month. I've started writing out these goals and putting them in random places where I'll be reminded of them. It's just the reminder I need when I'm being lazy. 

January is going to be an exciting month for me because January 13th is my last day at my current job. I'll be starting a new job at a new company on January 16th. This new job is going to be VERY different from the one I'm leaving behind (in a good way), so I'm pretty nervous. The job is brand new to the company as well, so nobody is too sure what it's going to look like. How exciting! 

January Goals


  • Lose 5 pounds
  • Take 8,000 steps on weekdays and 10,000 steps on weekends
  • Go to the gym once
  • Come up with 2 new take-to-work lunches

Blog/Social Media
  • Reveal my rebrand on January 22nd (my 1 Year Blogaversary!) 
  • Outline 3 Youtube videos
  • Publish 5 blog posts

What are your January goals?

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