Key Benefits of Keeping Your House Clean + Organized

This is a guest post was submitted by Amber Cross. Amber Cross is a small business owner from London. She writes cleaning and home improvement articles.

Clutter and grime slowly but surely are taking over your home, yet you lack the energy and will-power to do something about it? A bit of clutter here and there is hardly a problem and often is impossible to avoid. Yet, if your hallway is starting to resemble a hurdles racetrack and you find it difficult to navigate because you constantly have to step over things, it's probably time to make a few changes in your lifestyle. Clutter is said to have a negative impact on your productivity and even on your mental health. Don't believe us? These few benefits of a well-organized, clean home might change your mind. 

An Organized Home Improves Your Concentration //

Maybe you have noticed how difficult it is to concentrate on your tasks while in a cluttered environment. When living in a home where clutter rules, you often find yourself distracted by all the items around you, first of all, because they are all out of place, and second – you are plagued by a sense of guilt because you've failed to complete your cleaning chores. According to the ancient Chinese feng shui philosophical system, clutter blocks the proper flow of energy in your home. It also drains you from your own energy, leaving you unmotivated, irritable and emotionally exhausted. Organize and clean your home regularly and you will soon experience the benefits of your improved concentration.

You will Be Able to Find Everything with Ease //

How many times you have experienced difficulties in finding your keys in the morning? Five, ten, twenty? How can you expect to be able to find whatever it is you are looking for, when everything in your home is out of place? Designating a place for everything is the first step towards a happier, stress-free life. Sticking to your decision to keep your possessions in their rightful places is just as important. Once you turn organisation into a habit, things will take a turn for the better and it will be much easier for you to maintain order in your living space. 

You Can say Goodbye to Allergies //

Your lungs will thank you if you spare ten minutes once every two days to dust your furniture and vacuum your carpets. When not maintained, carpeting, sofas, ottomans and other soft furniture can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and a variety of allergens. These cause irritation, rashes and itching when transferred to your skin, not to mention your breathing will become more shallow when you are exposed to dust over prolonged periods of time, especially if you are an asthmatic. Take our advise - dust and vacuum regularly to transform your home into a healthier living environment.

Unexpected Guests will Hardly Be a Problem //

We all are familiar with the following scenario – a couple of friends decide to drop by on a visit without giving any notice. Of course, sending them away without inviting them is hardly an option, so letting them in your cluttered home seems to be your only alternative. Cleaning and organising your home on a regular basis will spare you the embarrassment and stress such “unpleasant” surprises might lead to.

You will Keep Pests at Bay //

Let's face it – grime, dust, and food residue are practically an invitation to a variety of pests from cockroaches to ants and bed bugs. Each time you skip on your cleaning routine, you're practically saying to the aforementioned pests “Welcome home, guys!”. The solution to this problem is simple - never leave plates with unfinished meals on the table in the living room and empty your trash can regularly.

You will Enjoy More Spare Time //

Please note that maintaining your home in a neat condition is easier and less time-consuming than deep cleaning the entire mess by Super TenancyCleaners Earls Court over the weekends. Spare a few minutes every day to tidy up and finish some small cleaning tasks so you can finally spend your weekends the way you are supposed to, that is resting and enjoying yourself. 

Sure, cleaning is not fun and we often come up with excuses to skip on our daily cleaning chores. Yet, if you spare half an hour a day for a quick clean and organisation, you will become a happier, healthier and more disciplined person, which on its own will improve your overall well-being and mindset.

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