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Check out my latest obsessions from books to beauty products. These are products/items that I'm totally in love with right now and can't get enough of!
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I haven't done an Obsessions post in awhile, so I feel it's time to change that. I'm hoping to make it a monthly/bi-monthly thing. I like being able to share products with you that I just can't get enough of. I also appreciate when you recommend other products to me that I might love as well. I'm a pretty "routine" person, so I typically use/wear the same things over and over, without many variations. I want to change that! After all, variety is the spice of life ;)

My current obsessions are ...

You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero // This book is a life changer! If you’ve ever felt less than motivated or a little down on yourself – you need to read this book. I was seriously hooked by the very first paragraph. Jen's voice is full of sarcasm and humor while giving you a dose of the cold hard truth just when you need it. After reading this I am left with a “let’s kick butt” attitude about my business and my life. The thing that’s really embedded in my brain after reading this is “Love Yourself”. Once you read this book you’ll understand why. I think it’s such an important lesson to be learned and this book does a great job of giving you actual actionable steps to living a happier and more fulfilled life just by being the badass that you are.

Contigo Water Bottle // I must confess – I have a little addiction when it comes to water bottles and tumblers. I just can’t help myself. I am completely powerless before the tumbler shelf at Walmart (don’t even get me started on Starbucks tumblers – my poor heart aches). I ended up picking this beauty up the other day and it’s my new favorite. I LOVE the spout. Too often I end up spilling water all over myself because the spout is too large and I underestimate the speed that the water is going to come out when I try and take a sip (I’m so awesome!). I also really like the lock feature that it has. None of my other 72638726876 water bottles have this! Now I don’t have to worry about it spilling water all over gym bag or purse.

China Glaze Nail Polish "In a Lily Bit" // I’ve been on this nail polish kick lately. I’m going to blame Instagram for this one. It seems like everyone else in the world has fabulous nails, except for me. I have to admit I need to start taking better care of my nails. I got gel nails done quite regularly a few years ago but they get expensive quick. The town I live in has the most expensive gel nails, I swear. They look so beautiful though!!! Nonetheless, I’m trying to master the art of nail painting on my own (it’s not going very well as you can see by this insta pic. I came across this GORGEOUS color while shopping at Winner the other day. For those of you living outside of Canada Winners is like a TJMaxx or Marshalls. I instantly fell in love with it. I love how pale this color is. This color just reminds me of spring

Kenneth Bernard Flat Iron // I got this flat iron as a birthday gift from my boyfriend almost 6 months ago. It’s in my current obsessions because I had to stop using it for a while since my hair was getting a little dry and damaged from using so much heat on it. I only wash my hair about every third day or so and I usually like to curl it the second or third day but I wasn’t protecting it from the heat properly. I did purchase a heat protectant for my hair but still wanted to give it some time off from the straightener. Now that my hair is healthy again I’ve been using it more often and I’m reminded of how much I LOVE it! I have really thin hair, so it curls with minimal heat. This straightener has 3 heat settings (280, 360, 400), which is just fine for me. I’ve only used the highest setting once and my curls were CRAZY curly cue’s. I’m more of a gentle wave kind of girl, myself. I like how well my hair glides through this flat iron. With my old (and very cheap) flat iron it always seemed to snag my hair. I can straighten my hair and curl it quickly and easily with this flat iron and get perfect results every time.

Keurig Full Menu Clip // There was an amazing deal on a Keurig 2.0 on Boxing Day, so I HAD to pick it up, right? I’d been contemplating getting one for quite a while, so I was really excited to take it home and make my first cup of coffee. My mood was instantly deflated when I realized that 8oz was the max cup this Keurig could make (unless I was make a Carafe). I KNOOOOWW all of you on the blogesphere have a collection of coffee mugs that are larger than 8oz and you NEEEEED that BIGGG cup of coffee in the morning, amiright??? What if I wanted to fill a travel mug??! Broken. Hearted. Naturally I went to google to find my solution and in comes the Keurig Clip. Sweet, sweet victory. Apparently on the Keurig 2.0 there’s a “secret menu” that has more cup sizes. Because making them all available to you when you buy the damn thing isn’t an option? Anywaysssss…..Now that I have this magical device I can make myself a 10oz cup of coffee or fill a travel mug up to 16oz. I’m happy again! It was super simple to insert into my Keurig and it also comes with this neat attachment so you can use non-Keurig 2.0 pods (like the older version pods that are way cheaper). If you have a Keurig 2.0 you need this bad boy in your life.

 What are your current obsessions?

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