March Goals + My Feelings of Goal Guilt

Every month I come up with goals for my personal life and my blogging business. I'm sharing my March goals with you on the blog along with some feelings of goal guilt.

I’m so glad February is over. February is just one of those months that are blah. I want to move closer to spring … BRING ON MARCH!!

February was full of learning and planning for me. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a Libra but I’m very indecisive. I think it’s just as much of a good thing as a bad because in the process of making up my mind I do a lot of research. I get sucked into the black hole that is online reviews/tips/advice. Sometimes I can get lost in it all, but this month I think I kept my head on straight.

Let's get into a recap of February and onto new March goals.

February Recap


  • Learn to knit (this is one of the things on my 30 before 30 list) - I’m no pro but I’m getting the hang of it! I’m going to practice a bit more before starting my first project.
  • Get office ready to paint home office - #faceplam… there are two reasons this didn’t get done #1 it’s overwhelming to look at the disaster that is my home office and #2 a lot of the bigger stuff in that room have to be moved downstairs but I recently got water in my basement so I don’t want to cram one corner of my basement full of stuff
  • Make a "new" car budget plan (another thing on my 30 before 30 list) - I was too preoccupied dreaming about going to Scandinavia for my 30th birthday to think about budgeting for a new car haha
  • Clean out my closet - It felt so good to get rid of so much “stuff” in my closet.


  • Go to the gym once a week (ohhh geeezzeee) - The first 3 weeks went really well and then I ended up canceling my gym membership. I know - not the direction I was planning on going. I have a treadmill at home, along with some dumbbells, yoga mat, exercise ball, and medicine ball … I think I’ve got everything I need right now for a “home gym” of sorts. I loved going to the gym a few years ago and when I started going again this time I enjoyed it, but I don’t have an “ideal time” to go regularly. I’m not a morning person, so getting up early enough to be at the gym at 5am isn’t going to work. Right after my 9-5 I have to get home to feed and entertain the dogs, make dinner, and do some blogging work. It just made more sense to cancel my gym membership and start working out at home. I’m going to be investing some of that money I’m saving from canceling my membership into my blog - so it’s a win-win here.
  • Only drink pop or alcohol once a week (and only ONE glass) - I don’t drink pop or alcohol often but I did notice that when I do it’s typically in the same weekend.
  • Take 8,000 steps on weekdays and 10,000 steps on weekends - I made my step goals more than I didn’t, so that’s good, right?

Blog/Social Media

  • Make a social media posting/sharing schedule - I have a schedule and a strategy in place, now I just have to put it in action.
  • Develop an opt-in incentive for my mailing list - I’m so glad I had this goal for this month. While I didn’t get the incentive developed I did go through TONS of info about figuring out what to offer my audience. I’m on the right track here :)
  • Get through 2 e-mail courses (I have tons of email freebies/courses waiting for me in my inbox) - I got through ALL OF THEM. To be fair, I ended up deleting a few of them before completing them because they were almost identical to ones I’ve already read (hey, it happens). I’m full of knowledge now!

March Goals



  • Go Gluten Free for a month to see if it improves my tummy troubles
  • Run on the treadmill twice a week
  • Drink 2L of water a day (including tea)

Blog/Social Media

  • Schedule Social Media posts 2 weeks in advance for Facebook and Twitter
  • Take batch photos for Instagram
  • Publish 5 posts

I’m going to share a personal struggle I’ve been having lately and hopefully, you can relate.

I want to be a successful business woman. I want to run this blog, do some freelance writing work, partner with brands, and help other women like me do the same thing. This seems like a tall order. I’m having trouble focusing on these goals because I’m having trouble with my “why”.

I’m not married, I don’t have children, I’m not in debt - I have everything I realistically need, so why should I want more? I want to work from home because I want to have a different lifestyle than I have right now. I want to be able to control how I use my creativity. I want to have the option to travel more while still technically “working” and earning passive income. I want to feel free from a corporate 9-5.

But is that good enough?

I get this guilty feeling that I’m trying to take the easy way out (even though I don’t expect it to be easy at all). Maybe it’s because when I was growing up this wasn’t an option that was available to everyone. It wasn’t possible to have a successful business online like it is now. You had to “do your time working for the man” before you could retire and enjoy your life. That sounds awful to me - not enjoying your life UNTIL YOU'RE 65!! No thank you, I don’t want that.

I’m hoping this feeling of guilt won’t hold me back much longer.

Have you ever felt that your goals weren’t justified?

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